St. Aegidi-Keller,
historical restaurant in Bad Reichenhall,
an historic gem dating back to the ancient Staufer Kings;
anno Domini 1159

Wine cellar

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Introducing the St. Aegidi-Keller

The St. Aegidi-Keller is a historical restaurant (inn) situated in the heart of Bad Reichenhall. It offers excellent food and is a fine example of a historic listed building which has been impressively restored. Its vaults rest against the medieval church of St.Aegid and date back to ancient times (1159).

1159 -

was the time of:

> the German Staufer Kings (1152 – 1250),

> monastic and courtly culture (Minnesingers),

> the battle for supremacy between the papacy and the empire,

> the foundation of Moscow.

The history of the St. Aegidi-Keller is inextricably linked to that of the St. Aegid Church.

It begins with the building of the church in the year 1159 on the old marketplace of the Thumer Quarter in accordance with a special charter.

In this charter of 1159, Heinrich, also known as Loubecce, received permission from the Salzburg Archbishop Eberhard von Biburg (1147 to 1164), to build a church on his (Loubecce’s) land.

All this would all suggest that, with the construction of the church, Loubecce had bought himself the right to brew and serve beer, for example, the "licensed brewery and inn rights" which have been recorded in the land register since "ancient times“.

This meant the right to brew beer and run an inn, which is still valid today.

And, amongst other things, the construction of a cellar below the entire church building, which was not common practice.

There are no records in existence which can be specifically linked to the wine cellar before 1674.

In 1674 the St. Aegidi-Keller was called the "Kasererbräu” (brewery and inn). It is the oldest known name recorded in a deed of purchase. The owners were Josef Kaserer and Maria Eßlinger.

We won’t list all the subsequent owners here.

In the more recent past – in the 19th century – as the spa resort thrived and Russian artists, princes and other affluent people from Russia stopped off on their travels to visit the wine cellar, it was known as the "Russischer Hof". The owner Ludwig Rumpf still brewed beer.

After the Second World War, the place became known as the "Deutscher Hof“ and finally the "Reichenhaller Hof“- until the entire building was demolished in 1976, right down to its very core – the "St. Aegidikeller".

During the demolition of the ancient building structure it was discovered that the foundations of the neighbouring church tower had been so badly damaged by the town fires that the only thing preventing the tower from falling down was the wine cellar itself. It was therefore dismantled and rebuilt in the original style.

The history of the "St. Aegidikeller" and its direct link to the church prompted Bruno Biernath (Sen.) to purchase the wine cellar on 22nd November 1978 and to restore it to its former glory. Through skillfull architectural planning and project work, he was able to successfully create a design which fulfilled historical requirements, complemented the church surroundings and complied with the preservation order. The end result is a stunning and truly unique architectural feat.

In the face of criticism and adversity, Bruno Biernath established his business on 6th September 1980 and soon made the St. Aegidi-Keller into a thriving tourist attraction, both in terms of gastronomy and architecture.

Herr Biernath and his achievements have also received special praise from the town of Bad Reichenhall, not only for the way in which the St. Aegidi-Keller has enhanced the town itself, but also for the success of the overall development project.

And what’s more, we serve only the very best food and wine!

The owner’s sons Michael Biernath (boss) and Bruno, together with their dedicated team of staff, will ensure that you experience only the very best of food, wine and service.

The impressive forged gates of the wine cellar open at 12.00 m and close at midnight;
you can therefore enjoy excellent food and drink any time during these opening hours and you can even make your
own selection from the impressive range of wines on offer in our wine cellar. Select a bottle of wine to take home with you, or enjoy the wine of your choice amidst these historic surroundings.

The wine is kept underneath the church; an ideal, cool place for storage.

And to round it all off perfectly, you can also enjoy our exceptionally beautiful garden in the Arcade Yard designed with Mediterranean flair: if the weather is fine, take a seat on our beautifully forged chairs and enjoy a truly exquisite gastronomical experience.

And there we have it: the St. Aegidi-Keller - a unique historic gem in Bad Reichenhall.

Just call in and see us – we would be delighted to make your acquaintance!

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