St. Aegidi-Keller,
historical restaurant in Bad Reichenhall,
an historic gem dating back to the ancient Staufer Kings;
anno Domini 1159


Ancient pictures
Pictures past 1980

Wine cellar

Theodor Heuß, the 1st President of the Federal Republic of Germany enjoyed entertaining people with his observations on wine. As both a wine connoisseur and avowed gournet, this is one of his charming quotes on the subject:

"Those who swig wine sin, those who sip wine pray – so let’s pray!
- in the
St.Aegid wine cellar you’ll find the perfect wine for it!"

- and here is our wine cellar dating back to Anno Domini 1159, skillfully designed and restored by Bruno Biernath.

Here you can find excellent everyday wines, as well as wines of the highest pedigree for celebrating those special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or when you simply want to treat yourself to something exquisite.

You can select your own wine:
to enjoy at home, or to give as a special gift – or to enjoy here in unique historic surroundings. Our gift vouchers make the ideal gift – they can be used to select wines from our historic wine cellar.

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